Racket MOT for the New Season 2013

On average people should have their racket restrung every 3 months as the strings lose tension every time you hit a tennis ball.

For Club Members we have the following offer:

  • Racket Restring with a choice of Strings to suit your playing standard
  • A New Grip – Choice of a Replacement Grip and Colour – Karakal Super Grip, Duo Grip, Tribal Grip, Love Grip, Overwrap Grip
  • A New Vibration Dampener – Choice of Colour and style, either Button or Stretchy

Total Cost £20.00 all in!!
(non-member rate £25.00)

For more information or to arrange a racket restring, please email Phil (phil@pktennis.co.uk) from our Coaching Team or call him directly on 07711 852222


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